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Engage your community with NFT Artwork

WIBT Butterflies – Women.Artwork.Rocks

The Women in Blockchain Talks communal identity avatar project at

Beautiful artwork 

Illustrated by artist Dana Shimoni

Community members love it

Try out the engaging artwork collection process at


Unique generative artwork engine

Create Trillions of possible combinations from just 500KB of data


Endless color combinations

Each body part can have hundreds of color palettes


Low minting gas fees

We are using the Polygon blockchain for fast and cheap transactions


Community Managers

Let us help you define a NFT Avatar identity for your community and build an engaging experience that is specifically tailored to help your community members make the most out of the endless potential of NFT art collection.

Part of our agenda is user education. We believe it is important to teach people how to deal with crypto assets in a safe environment that builds trust. 



Don’t throw your money on huge NFT minting investments that might not pay off. Let us help you connect with a community and create a generative art model that can create a fun and engaging experience for community members who are eager to become part of your NFT success

Client Testimonials

“The NFTinder app is a brilliant way to introduce brand new members to the world of NFT avatars and collectibles in a beautiful, fun and engaging way.”

Lavinia Osbourne

Host & Founder, Women in Blockchain Talks