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How to collect butterfly artwork on Women.Artwork.Rocks

  • NFTinder

Community NFT Artwork Collection

The butterfly artwork presented here is generated on the fly as you interact with it. There are 1.8 Quadrillion possible combinations, but we are only going to mint 10 thousand NFTs, so choose carefully 🙂 We are looking forward to seeing your collection. 



Head over to and use your Google account to login. This is a controlled environment, designed that way for your protection and for the best possible engagement.



Press the Collect button at the bottom right of your screen. You will be forwarded to the NFTinder generative art engine
Please note that you are interacting with a live generative art engine that creates artwork on the fly. Every artwork created by it is unique.


Save the ones you like

Swipe left or press the Next button to discard the currently displayed artwork. 
Swipe right or click the green Fav button to save the butterfly to your personal collection.
You can use the Delete button to remove a butterfly from your personal collection.


Engage with others

Everything you save is publicly visible on the main butterfly feed with your name on it. 
Head over to the main feed to engage with other community members’ butterfly collections. 
You can click another collector’s avatar to view their personal collection. 
Use the  voting buttons to support other members purchase decisions.
Use the sharing button to ask others for feedback

Minting Butterfly NFTs

Our development team is hard at work on this. Somewhere during November 2021, we will open the Buying feature to everyone. Every butterfly you collect until then will be available for a 50% discount, so if you intend on building a butterfly collection for yourself, or for sharing with friends, it is a good opportunity to collect them before the minting process is open to the public. We will send mail notifications to all users once the Buying functionality is ready. 

We hope you found this guide useful. Please contact us and let us know what you think, and if you have ideas about other guides you would like to read, please as for them and we will be happy to write them.  

Dana Shimoni - Illustration

The artist – Dana Shimoni

The butterfly taxonomy was illustrated by Dana Shimoni,  a designer and illustrator from Tel Aviv. She graduated from the Shenkar school of high design in 2001 and ever since has been involved in various professional design and illustration projects, for companies, publications and collaborative art projects. 
She is the proud mother of Ben and lives together with her partner in a super creative home-office environment, where they are constantly busy creating a world made of paintings, sculptures and many other creative forms of expression. She is an avid contact improvisation dancer and the lead UX designer of a startup company. 


Women in Blockchain Talks aims to elevate female leaders in the Blockchain tech sphere with the objective to promote inclusivity and diversity in the space by encouraging other women and diverse individuals to come into the industry and create a career in it.

Lavinia Osbourne, Host & Founder, Women in Blockchain Talks

Lavinia Osbourne


Host & Founder, Women in Blockchain Talks