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NFTinder v0.1.4 released   NFTINDER v0.1.4 Released

Exciting News – We Are Interactive!

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New features include:

  • Upvote/Downvote butterflies
  • Permalinks – Share butterflies via Telegram, WhatsApp, email and Twitter
  • Public user profiles

The Gorey Details

You can collect butterflies to your personal collection and each butterfly is presented within a card that allows you to vote and share. You can also delete butterflies from your personal collection. We call it Butterfly Liberation! 🦋

Next release: Crypto and more!

Next, we plan to add MetaMask login, NFT minting with fiat and crypto, and due to  popular demand, butterfly preview when shared on social networks. 

Try it out, report to us!

So jump into the app, collect some butterflies, vote on others, share with your friends for feedback, and let us know what you think – we are listening and implementing.

Cheers, the team at Artwork.Rocks