Welcome Butterfly Collector

Thanks for joining the Women in Blockchain Talks NFT collection app, https://women.artwork.rocks
Collect butterfly designs and share them with your friends and colleagues for feedback before you decide to buy the NFT

Please read through the attached instructions. We’ve gathered lots of useful information for you. But do let us know if we missed anything, OK? Let’s go!

Collect some butterflies

You are now part of a revolutionary movement for the next phase in the NFT space:

  • Generate artwork on demand
  • Communal curation
  • Mint on demand instead of 10K airdrops
  • Low gas fees
  • Environment-friendly process and blockchain (PoS)

    NEW! YouTube: We have you covered with Step-by-Step Video Guides for the entire minting process

Your butterfly NFT will be listed on your OpenSea profile once it has been minted – All you have to do is unhide it. You could even put it up for sale. (NFTs have a 10% royalties share for secondary market sales)

Follow the instructions below to get your butterfly minted:

You are going to need some Polygon $MATIC in order to mint, so if you havent already, nows a good time to

Tips & Tricks (This works on desktop computers only): You can add MATIC network settings automatically to MetaMask by visiting https://polygonscan.com, scrolling all the way to the bottom of the page, and pressing the Add Polygon Network button.
If you know how to accomplish this on the mobile MetaMask app, please enlighten us

If you need assistance, our telegram support channel is available to answer your questions and you can also send us emails to women@artwork.rocks
Please report any issues and difficulties you may be dealing with

Step by step minting:

  1. If you are on mobile, open the app in the MetaMask browser
  2. Go to your butterfly collection or collect a new butterfly
  3. Press the Buy button on any one of the butterflies you collected
  4. Connect your MetaMask wallet to the app (you may be asked to add Polygon or switch networks to Polygon)
  5. Press the mint button
  6. Sign the transaction
  7. Confirm the payment
  8. The app gives you a successful transaction confirmation
  9. The NFT is minted and transferred to your wallet within 10 minutes (usually)
  10. An email will be sent to the email address you used to log into the app with
  11. Wait a few minutes (it takes a few minutes for the artwork to show on OpenSea)
  12. Follow the link in the email to see your butterfly on OpenSea
  13. Unhide the butterfly to show it to the world on your Opensea profile

Congratulations! You now own a WiBT butterfly NFT. Thanks for being an early adopter, it means a lot to us